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Have content that only members who are logged in can see!

It is easy to mark content “for members only”. Simply tick the box at any page or post (or other custom posttype) to hide the content for “not logged in” visitors. When you mark something hidden, and it is a “parent item”, the “child items” will also be hidden.

This plugin makes it VERY simple to keep public and member content on the same website.

I am using manipulation of the “query” that wordpress creates to ask the database for content, and I’m filtering the results of the queries to get the result for the plugin.

A screenshot:

I am finalizing a version 2.0 that enables you to create usergroups – and assign posts/pages to these groups.
This changes the way the filters in the plugin works to take the groups into account – and becourse its not exactly backward compatible to 1.x im not going go release it as the same plugin – with a new version number. In fact, I’m not even sure if this is to be released on the repository or if its to be a “closed” plugin for my project.