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Only usable for installations before WordPress 3.4

Some theme developers use ALOT of text to describe their product, and even though this can be very helpfull I still think its taking too much space in an “overview” kind of type screen.

This plugin was developed really quickly, and itsent doing much more than cropping the description and the tags areas of theme desctiptions. – The text expands when you mouse over a theme.

I do see a perspective in redoing the WordPress theme overview screen all together. An option to see 2-3 images rotation when hovering, and a redesigning of the textual description areas. (this version number, latest available version, version changes…)

… And for WordPress 3.4 the core developers also wanted something new for this area of WordPress administration – thanks WP-Core team :)

The plugin will deactivate itself if you update to WordPress 3.4+ :)