I build custom web solutions using the Open Source CMS WordPress as a framework for rapid development

I make user friendly frontend interfaces with PHP, CSS and HTML with integrated backend interaction response through jQuery and AJAX

I can customize and integrate existing WordPress plugins and themes so they match the specifications for your project

I perform maintenance and support on large productive WordPress installations and corporate websites

I am proficient in using Photoshop. I pay attention to detail and have the ability to be creative while keeping things simple and efficient

Examples of not too common WordPress tasks...

  • Build custom rssfeeds
  • Used XML files for menus
  • Customized comment boxes
  • Integrate Facebook
  • Added (local) like features
  • Made templates for themes
  • Created virtual content pages
  • Modified user access roles
  • Cookie based navigation
  • Build custom sliders
  • Popup competitions and newsletters
  • etc...
wordpress is a great content management system
php is a open source programming language
jquery enables awesome frontend interaction
photoshop is image processing at its best