WordPress Booking Plugin

Closed project plugin

This plugin is used to let housing association members, book and administer rooms for meetings/parties etc.
I did this pluging to enable my customers of din-forening.dk to have an easy way of administer and show when locations were booked or available. This is functionality requested by customer who had this need – and now all the din-forening.dk customers can use the solution.

Latest version has had its codebase completely rewritten
Its possible to create infinite rooms/locations and the pagename in which the shortcode has been inserted will be the title of the room. I have changed the way the jQuery, the calendar, the form responses AJAX works.

Evolution v2.0 -> 2.1:

  • Removed javascript from output html, redid the jquery datepicker “not available date” to an ajax, returning an array and not a variable to the html..
  • Extended the widget so several widgets can be active, showing the calendar with unavailable dates, and onselect redirect to the correct page/post.
– Leaving the WordPress supplied SACK behind and using jQuery AJAX is so much better. Its springtime, its cleaning up the code time :)

A screenshot from the administration interface, its in Danish:
Wordpress Booking plugin: Admin Request interface

Booking options: Wordpress Booking plugin: Admin Options

… and the visitor experiance: Wordpress Booking plugin: Visitor experience

Update – 2012: A year passed, and I have updated the plugin again.
Now the style of the calendar is not set in the plugin itself, but in another plugin called “styles”. This enables me to let the website administrator chose one theme / style for all calendars/buttons ect one place.